With the well-being of the environment becoming increasingly more difficult to navigate, it is important that we all do what we can to decrease our environmental footprint. Ecological degradation is a serious matter and is ever-more serious for parts of the country that rely upon the land as a source of income.

Margarita Adventures is dedicated to stewardship, practicing sustainability to help conserve the surrounding wildlife and biodiversity. Part of the reason that our patrons enjoy coming here so much is for the chance to immerse themselves in the beautiful scenery — we wouldn’t be who we are without our landmark ranch! Our roots are embedded deeply into nature, and so are our adventure opportunities. Without a stunning view of the natural world around us, our kayak tours, zipline tours, and nature and wildlife tours wouldn’t be as popular as they are. It’s important to understand that if we enjoy living amongst the wildlife and getting in touch with nature, we must maintain awareness of how we impact the natural world around us and take the necessary steps to increase conservation and sustainability practices, which will lead to decreasing deterioration of the places we love seeing the most. With a Mediterranean-like climate, a beautiful shoreline, and lush countryside, it is no wonder why San Luis Obispo would want to develop and enforce a sustainable way of living.  

Sustainable Winegrowing Practices

San Luis Obispo, or SLO, is known for its stunning scenery and renowned wineries and vineyards. Vineyards are not the easiest to maintain if sustainability is the #1 goal, but Santa Margarita Ranch has received the “Sustainability in Practice” certification for our winegrowing practices, which covers practices like water conservation, solar power, and habitat protection. Further, organizations like the Vineyard Team have been promoting sustainable winegrowing for over 20 years, aiming towards educating and guiding growers on building sustainable winegrowing practices. Being an internationally recognized leader in the sustainable winegrowing community, they create innovative programs to make sustainability less abstract and more realistic. One of their programs, SIP Certified, encourages values like social responsibility, water management, safe pest management, and energy efficiency. SIP, or Sustainability in Practice, acknowledges vineyards and wineries that integrate green farming methods and practices on every level. 

Efficient Transportation

Being in beautiful San Luis Obispo inspires people to get outside and enjoy the fresh air in any way they can. Organizations like Bike SLO County have created the mission of building a safe and healthy community that is connected through bicycling. More than just a means of recreation, Bike SLO inspires community members to integrate bicycling into their everyday lives, using their bicycle for everyday transportation and as a way to promote environmental and sustainable health. Their Bike Education Workshops have taught thousands living in the SLO community how to feel confident and comfortable on their bicycles as they ride to school, work, or around town. The environmental, economic, and social benefits of choosing to ride your bike are endless. 

Conserving Biodiversity

One of the most important aspects of San Luis Obispo is its beautiful wildlife and flourishing ecosystem. The biodiversity in the county is absolutely stunning and wouldn’t be thriving without the help of the Morro Coast Audubon Society. Through community appreciation, education, and research, MCAS helps wildlife and their habitats stay protected in the California environment. Specifically, the organization helps to protect birds, endangered species, habitats, and ecosystems that all work together to help make SLO the county we know and love. MCAS analyzes current conservation issues and works with the community to lessen the impact from these issues and bring the community together for the greater good. At the end of the day, there truly is no organization stronger than a dedicated community working towards a common goal. 

Sustainability is a concept that we make an effort to incorporate into every aspect of the San Luis Obispo lifestyle. We are passionate about environmental responsibility because it not only affects our county,but it also affects our state, our country, and the rest of our world. With the help of civic engagement and dedicated establishments, San Luis Obispo is making strides to impact the community in a positive, environmentally safe, and economically sustainable way. To learn more about how Margarita Adventures is helping create a greener future, call us today! And don’t forget to book an adventure with us too.