Take a break from the stress of work or school and learn something about the animals of Santa Margarita. Our nature walks and tours give you the chance to escape reality and explore the natural world around you! With this wildlife tour, you will be escorted to unique habitats before taking a walk with the wild to explore nature on foot! There’s no better way to learn about the environment you’re in than actually walking through it! For an unbelievably fun and education experience, contact us today.

What Do You Need?

Our tour is easy and comfortable, but you should still be prepared for the experience by bringing along a few of your own things.

  • Please wear comfortable attire and closed-toed walking shoes
  • Bring a hat and sunscreen to stay safe from harmful UV sun rays. For optimal sun protection, wear clothes that are light but cover your body.
  • Stay hydrated by packing a water bottle. If you drink all of your water, don’t worry! We provide refills.
  • Don’t forget to bring a camera and binoculars to enhance your experience and viewing pleasure. If you forget, we will also have binoculars to share.

Health Requirements:

We want all of our patrons to enjoy their time as much as possible. To ensure your comfort and relaxation, we have a couple of things that may or may not apply to you: First, all participants should be in good physical condition and able to participate in moderate short-duration hikes. Second, if you have health concerns or conditions that will affect your heart or legs, please consult a physician prior to joining the tour.

What you Can Expect On Our Guided Nature Tour

When you join us for our wildlife tours, be prepared for the experience of exploration without ever leaving Santa Margarita Ranch! We want to offer complete transparency, so we have outlined three of our key points for this nature walk. You can expect:

  • A three-hour guided nature tour – this tour is led by staff naturalists, and the tour itself illuminates the diverse wildlife, native plants, and rugged beauty of the historic Santa Margarita Ranch.
  • A Humvee ride and light hiking – Our nature and wildlife tour includes an adventurous ride on our vintage Humvee as well as easy-paced hike. Not all hiking has to be a challenge, so enjoy this laid-back exploration of nature. This hike is ideal for those who want to experience nature without being uncomfortable.
  • Amazing sights and insights – The tour observes a bald eagle’s nest site and native California’s birds of prey, as well as a walk through a riparian habitat to our education site. Here, you will learn about how natural systems and life cycles connect us all.

Take a Walk With The Wild

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What Nature Does For You

It’s no secret that nature is good for our health and happiness, positively impacting our physical and mental health. There are a growing number of studies that put forward evidence that connecting with nature simply makes us happier people — and this is something that nature enthusiasts can all agree on. This doesn’t mean that you have to go on grueling hikes twice a week to appreciate nature, or leave society for two weeks and live as a mountain man. All you have to do is get out and go for a walk, making our Nature and Wildlife Tour perfect for anyone who wants to do just that!

Immerse Yourself in the Rich History and Stunning Landscape


Santa Margarita Ranch has a rich and deep history, with roots going back for decades. Not only does our Nature and Wildlife Tour give you the opportunity to learn more about the ranch, but it gives you the opportunity to unplug from the stress of everyday life and enjoy the beauty of the environment. Contact us today to book a tour, and if you’re looking for something for more of a thrill, then check out our kayak and zipline tours.

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