For those of you wondering what a Margarita Aventures zipline tour is like, here is a pictorial diary of a recent tour to show you everything!

It was a weekday morning tour early this fall. Two separate couples—Brianna & Donald, and Linzy & Sevin—joined us. The weather was perfect, and before the tour two bald eagles were spotted darting around the sky beyond our tour office. Amazing!

As we took the tour bus out to Santa Margarita Ranch, our longtime guide Justin regaled us with the rich history of the ranch and the town of Santa Margarita.
















Upon arrival at the first zipline, our course guides—Tim, Kyle, and Cullen—geared our guests up, imparted our safety rules and made sure everything was secure. Safety is our top priority!
















Then, boom, we were off! A couple of our guests were leery of heights, but they all took the leap of faith on our epic Double Barrel tandem zipline.













































They all loved it! Now they were ready to conquer the five remaining ziplines. Each offered its own experience. The Renegade was long and soaring; the Woodlander flew over pines and oaks; the Hilltopper was fast and furious; the Archway sailed under an arch of companion oaks; and, finally, the Pinot Express flew down from the mountain and over a Pinot Noir vineyard.















Alas, all good things must come to an end. After experiencing our six ziplines, it was time to take the scenic tour through Santa Margarita Ranch on the way back to the office, and Justin told more stories about the ranch’s role in California’s famed mission trail while providing insights into local wildlife. Along the way, we saw numerous deer.

Everyone agreed that the zipline tour was something they’ll never forget. Join the fun and book your best California zipline tour with us, because now you know all of the fun that awaits you!