San Luis Obispo Region

If you’re unfamiliar with California geography, it is likely that you may not have ever heard about the region of San Luis Obispo, or SLO. What a nice surprise, then, to find out that this county is home to some spectacular sights and tastes. Not only is SLO absolutely beautiful, but it has countless adventure opportunities, state parks, beaches, and numerous opportunities for romantic getaways and family vacations. Kayak in Morro Bay, visit the mineral hot springs in Paso Robles, drive along the California Highway 1 Discovery Route, or check out Pismo Beach. No matter where you find yourself in SLO, you are surrounded by endless opportunities to explore and adventure, but most importantly, try some exceptional wine. Don’t get caught up in going to the tourist-heavy spots like Los Angeles, San Diego, or San Francisco. You can experience some of the best that California has to offer with tucked-away vineyards, beautiful nature, and coastal escapes.

Where the Coast Meets the Vines

With the Pacific Ocean resting next to the Central Coast, it is no wonder how coast culture has developed to include a deep appreciation for wine. Bordering the coast, SLO has contributed to building California’s unique culture and lifestyle. In other words, it is a perfect place to explore nature while also trying top-shelf wine. The Pacific Ocean not only contributes towards the cool climate ideal for wine growing, but has given the surrounding area beautiful scenery. The weather has allowed for the flourishing of grapes since the 1700s when Franciscan monks would plant grapes on their way to El Camino Real, or The Royal Road, which is now Highway 101. San Luis Obispo County, a popular wine region on the Central Coast, is known for the Hearst Castle, but most importantly, it’s known for its Pinot Noirs, Chardonnays, Rhone blends, and heritage Zinfandels.

Complex Qualities 

San Luis Obispo has been in the business of winegrowing since the 1770s and shows no sign of stopping anytime soon, especially since it is home to Paso Robles — one of the Central Coast’s American Viticultural Areas, or AVA’s, that produces some of California’s most popular wines. Because of its location next to the Pacific, the soil has a beautiful mixture of seabed soil, fossilized shells, and volcanic soil that, when all blended together, create a rich and complex soil that is ideal for winegrowing. As touched on earlier in the blog, the climate is reliable, consisting of cooling and warming cycles that allow for exceptionally long growing seasons. The 20 different kinds of grapes offer rich and full flavors, and because of the marine conditions and moderate temperatures, the natural acidity and balance of the fruit are not compromised. 

The Culture

San Luis Obispo is known for its vineyards and beautiful coast, so it only makes sense to uphold these symbols through respect, integrity, and sustainability. As an ode to sustainability and respect to the environment, nearly all vineyards along the Central Coast are Sustainability in Practice, or SIP, certified. SIP protects the planet and the people by encouraging and supporting sustainable winegrowing practices because, as every winemaker knows, their obligation extends past the process of making wine. Winemakers have a responsibility to understand the implications of their actions and should do anything they can to support the land they make a living off of. This means that a holistic perspective on a sustainability practice that includes people working with the environment instead of against it is the backbone of this winegrowing community. Now that’s good environmental behavior that you can taste!

The Wine

At Margarita Adventures, we know that good wine should come with an adventure, which is why we offer wine and adventure packages, like the Zip ‘n Sip, that give you an authentic and well-rounded experience in San Luis Obispo. The Central Coast is a dream destination for couples and wine connoisseurs because it has 14  AVAs, or American Viticultural Areas, which are responsible for producing some of the best and most popular wine to come out of California. Paso Robles, Edna Valley, Arroyo Grande Valley, and York Mountain are some of the most stunning wine trails with incredible views and even better wine. Paso Robles has over 250 wineries and produces its own meats and cheese, giving you a full wine experience. You don’t have to book a plane ticket to Italy to find quality wine paired with an exceptional cheese board. 

When you come to San Luis Obispo, you escape your worries and leave your problems behind. How could you not relax when you’re surrounded by beautiful scenery, countless activities, and some of the best wine in the state? Come to Margarita Adventures for our thrilling ziplines, kayak tours, wildlife tours, and wine and hotel packages to satisfy all your vacation needs. Call us today!