Visit Margarita Adventures & Experience One Of The Best Places to Zipline in California!

California is nothing if not a land of adventure—and that includes the many outdoor attractions that make the Golden State such a renowned destination.

We created Margarita Adventures to tap into this adventurous spirit. By combining ziplining with history and nature appreciation with ziplining, we wanted to capture the very essence of what makes California unique. In fact, our tours take place on the historic Santa Margarita Ranch—one of the state’s oldest continuously operating cattle ranches, and a place that was once part of California’s famed Mission Trail.

In essence, our aim was to offer the best ziplining in California—and we believe we have done that. Our guided tours include six distinct ziplines, starting with the 2,800-foot Double Barrel tandem ride and concluding with an 1,800-foot thrill ride called The Pinot Express, which flies right over a Pinot Noir Vineyard. The Pinot Express zipline terminates at the P.W. Murphy Mining Camp, a replica gold rush-era mine built by local television stars The Redwood Kings.

Along the way, our guides share insights into the ranch’s history, native wildlife and sustainable winegrowing practices. You can also enhance your tour with our Zip ‘n Sip VIP package, which includes a reserve wine tasting at our affiliated Ancient Peaks Winery.

Zipline Southern California

We are located in San Luis Obispo (SLO) County, right on the dividing line between Los Angeles and San Francisco (in fact, we are almost exactly equidistant via Highway 101).

That makes our ziplines a short drive from Southern California, with much to see along the way. If you are coming from San Diego or Los Angeles, you can stop for a bite and shopping in Santa Barbara, which is known as America’s Riviera. Just south of Santa Barbara you fill find Ventura, which is more of an under-the-radar beach town. Once you arrive in SLO County you are presented with an array of attractions, from the small and sunny beach town of Avila Beach to the bustling downtown of San Luis Obispo, where you will want to stroll the streets and check out the historic downtown Mission Plaza.

Zipline Northern California

When coming from Northern California, and if you have some extra time, we suggest making every effort to take the scenic drive down coastal Highway 1 through Big Sur, which offers some of the most stunning ocean views in the world. You can catch Highway 1 by exiting Highway 101 in Monterey and cutting over through Carmel.

Your arrival in SLO County will be met by the famed Hearst Castle in San Simeon, another must-see if you have time. You can then travel east via Highway 46 into the heart of the Paso Robles wine country, which features more than 200 wineries—including our own Ancient Peaks Winery. Paso Robles is renowned for producing world-class Cabernet Sauvignon and Rhône-style wines, among others. At Ancient Peaks, you can sample wines grown at Santa Margarita Ranch (in fact, wines from vines you just zipped over!) and also get a bite at the adjoining Ancient Peaks Café.

In conclusion, your trip to the best ziplining in California includes some amazing stops and sights along the way. Come join us for an adventure you’ll never forget—and make it a vacation along they way!


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