While our historic Santa Margarita Ranch is inhabited by a diverse array of wildlife, the California Black Bear is the largest of them all.

Black bears (ursus americanus) are omnivores and consume insects, grasses, berries and nuts. We often see black bears foraging for acorns in the fall and winter here on the ranch. While we can’t guarantee a bear sighting during your zipline tour, it has been known to happen! And, of course, we always keep a respectful and safe distance from these majestic creatures as they go about their day.

Interestingly, black bears are not always black. They range in color from a light tan or brown to a dark black coat, with some even having a small patch of white located on their chest. The adult females weigh 100 to 200 pounds and adult males can grow to be 350 pounds. Female black bears reproduce when they are four to five years old, and they typically produce two to four cubs per litter.

Cubs learn how and where to find food and how to recognize danger by following and observing their mother. A cub may remain with its mother for up to two years before it becomes independent. And, as these photos (all taken here on the ranch) will attest, these cubs are absolutely adorable!

We feel privileged to work amid such a rich natural environment. Join us for a zipline tour or wildlife Hummer tour to see what we can spot together here at Santa Margarita Ranch.

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