It’s a white deer sighting on our Santa Margarita Ranch!

Indeed, the legend of this rare white deer continues to grow around here, as it has been spotted several times over the last few years, most recently last week when this photo was taken from afar.

It may be a full “albino” deer, or what is known as “leucistic” (white but not fully albino).

Historically, white deer are steeped in mystique.¬†Native Americans viewed white deer as a sign of good fortunes to come. In the words of, “It turns out people have been captivated by white deer for centuries, and perhaps millennia. The ghost-like appearance of these animals has attracted myth, superstition and rampant scientific misinformation for an equally long period of time.”

Our staff naturalist is on the case, and we hope to have better photos and more information about this deer soon.