When you take a zipline tour with Margarita Adventures, you get to experience a total of six epic ziplines that span more than 7,500 combined feet. Better yet, each of these ziplines offers its own distinctive experience, from starting with a 2,800-foot tandem ride and concluding with a mountainside descent over Pinot Noir vines.

In the middle of it all is one of our original and most picturesque ziplines: The Archway.

On The Archway, you descend 800 feet into the forest and under a natural archway of companion oaks before emerging to a wide-open panorama of vines and mountains.

Also on The Archway, we challenge you to test your skills! Toss a  beanbag in the bucket below while flying through the natural archway and win a prize and bragging rights (pro tip: you’re moving fast, so drop it a bit earlier than you might be inclined).

The Archway experience is just one more reason to opt outside this spring and come out for one of the best San Luis Obispo County adventure tours. Click here to book now.