After a dry January and February, the floodgates opened in March with several rainstorms. The result? A beautiful explosion of wildflowers here on Santa Margarita Ranch!

Indeed, our hillsides, annual grasslands and perennial grasslands are thriving with color. Whether you join us for a zipline tour or a wildlife tour, you will experience some of nature’s most beautiful creations:








From California poppies (Eschscholzia californica) to shooting stars, (Dodecatheon meadia) our 14,000 acre ranch boasts an abundance of diverse plant life. California native plants are an important part of the ecology here, and wildflowers support native wildlife from the smallest bumble bee to the black tail mule deer. Many wildflowers are protected in our area and may not be picked (something to remember when you are out here).

We invite you and your family to come out, take photos and learn about our many wonderful wildflowers at Margarita Adventures. Click here to book your San Luis Obispo adventure tour and see these wildflowers at their finest.

This post belongs to our SPOTTED series, featuring the rich animal and plant kingdom that inhabits Santa Margarita Ranch.