We are excited to share some good news about a little gray fox that was rehabilitated and recently released right here on Santa Margarita Ranch by Pacific Wildlife Care.

“Pacific Wildlife Care reached out to us because they are familiar with our commitment to wildlife education, and because they felt that Santa Margarita Ranch would be a fitting and safe environment for this fox,” said Karl Wittstrom, co-proprietor Margarita Adventures.

In December, Pacific Wildlife Care (PWC), based in Morro Bay, received a call from a resident in a nearby town reporting a young gray fox that was limping and injured. PWC’s mission is to support San Luis Obispo County wildlife through rehabilitation and educational outreach.

PWC took custody of the fox and determined that the limp was due to a healing fracture on its right rear leg. More troubling was the fact that the fox had an abscess and infection. PWC nursed the fox back to health with veterinarian care, nourishment and antibiotics. With a clean bill of health, the fox was transported to our ranch and released back into the wild.

This isn’t the first time we have collaborated with PWC on wildlife rehabilitation and release. Indeed, last January we were honored to help with the release a golden eagle here on the ranch (click here to read that story). We love our wild animals here and are always happy when guests get a glimpse of them on our San Luis Obispo adventure tours.

*  Above gray fox photo courtesy of Wikipedia, not a photo of actual fox released on the ranch