At Margarita Adventures, we love our local wildlife!

From documenting our resident bald eagles to providing wildlife corridors on the historic Santa Margarita Ranch, we are passionate about the creatures who call this place home, including boars, bears, deer, hawks, foxes, bobcats and more. In fact, we exist not only to provide adventure experiences—but to also welcome our guests into the great outdoors and provide insights into the natural world.

Our resident animals typically display amazing grace. As with all of us, however, things don’t always go as planned for our furry and feathered friends—and that’s when it can be time for us to call our local wildlife experts at Pacific Wildlife Care in Morro Bay.

Indeed, we recently had to call Pacific Wildlife Care after our staff encountered an injured barn owl near our fourth zipline. It seems that the owl was knocked from a tree during a storm and was feeling cold and stranded.

Our team looked after the owl until the experts at Pacific Wildlife Care showed up. It is always comforting to put animals in caring hands, and they have an excellent track record of rehabilitating injured and orphaned wildlife.

In fact, a few years ago they successfully rehabilitated a golden eagle here on the ranch, and you can read the story here.

If you ever encounter distressed wildlife, we encourage you to call your own local experts—most communities have organizations like Pacific Wildlife Care. As for what to do while you wait for help, Pacific Wildlife Care has this excellent guide.

Thank you for joining us in our enthusiasm for these beautiful animals!