We are excited to announce our new Nature & Wildlife Tours led by ranch naturalist Jacqueline Redinger, including an Eagle Tour, a Foraging Tour and an upcoming Photography Tour. Click here to learn more and book you tour.

The Eagle Tour leads you through the life of the iconic American bald eagle. Several of these majestic creatures make their home at Santa Margarita Ranch. The tour takes scopes and binoculars to an area with a known bald eagle nest, where eaglets are reared and their parents take flight. You will also keep an eye out for Golden eagles, Red-tailed hawks and other aerial inhabitants. You will learn of the role that these creatures play in the ranch ecosystem, and also how to identify them using sight and sound.

Meanwhile, the Foraging Tour unlocks the ancient art of foraging. You are taught that foraging has been second nature to the health, well-being and survival of Native Californian peoples for thousands of years, and that many plants found on Santa Margarita Ranch carry a strong historical significance. Jacqueline leads you on a journey through time and nature to discover a variety of plants that can be used for nutrition, beverages and other healthful purposes. Along the way, you also learn about plants to avoid.

Finally, the upcoming Photography Tour opens up one of the Central Coast’s most dramatic and scenic landscapes to aspiring and accomplished photographers alike. Jacqueline leads you across the photogenic environment of the historic Santa Margarita Ranch, including oak woodlands, savannah grasslands, California chaparral, vineyards and ancient sea beds with giant fossilized oyster shells. You may also get a chance to photograph some of our native wildlife, including deer, turkeys, bears, eagles and more. All you need for this two-hour tour is your own camera and an eye for natural beauty!