That’s what we say here at Margarita Adventures when people ask if they need prior ziplining experience to take one of our tours.

Indeed, all you need is the ability to walk some short distances between each zipline. From there, our guides lead the way and make ziplining easy. Our guests have included kindergarteners and grandfathers in their 90s, and everything in between.

Most of the footpaths between our ziplines are very short, although there is quarter-mile walk up to our sixth and final zipline. There is also a 300-foot suspension bridge between our first and second zipline.

The vast majority of our guests complete these walks without any trouble. However, we recognize that some people have mobility issues and need to take it slow, and we offer opportunities to rest if needed. And there is always the option of skipping the last zipline if you are not up for the walk.

As for preparing for your tour, you do not need to do much. We do ask that you wear closed-toe shoes suitable for outdoor paths. For attire, choose something casual and comfortable, and consider layers as temperatures can change.

We offer drinking water throughout our course. We also offer sunscreen if needed (although you may want to apply your own sunscreen before coming out on a sunny day). You can wear a ballcap under your tour helmet for added sun protection. You can also bring a purse or small backpack with snacks and other personal items, although those will stay with our tour van while you are ziplining.

In other words, taking our tour is easy: just put on some comfortable clothes and shoes, come out for a tour and let us take you to new heights in adventure.