The one thing that really distinguishes our tours is the diversity of our ziplines. Looking for an epic thrill ride? We’ve got our 2,800-foot Double Barrel tandem line, our breathtaking Renegade line and the Pinot Express, which flies right over a vineyard.

Looking for more of a canopy tour? Then you have our Woodlander and Archway that sail over, and through, the native forests respectively.

Then there’s the Hilltopper, which proves that bigger isn’t always better. The Hilltopper is our shortest line at just 430 feet, but it is also one of our most exhilarating. The Hilltopper really gets your blood pumping, sending you across a downslope for a fast and furious ride out of the forest and onto a rocky outcropping with panoramic vineyard views.

This is also one of our few lines where you take a running (or walking) start, allowing you the sensation of truly taking off. At the end, you will come in fast and hot, but our guides are always there to brake your landing softly.

So look forward to this short but sweet zipline when you take your next tour with us. It’s a guaranteed thrill ride.