The good news just keeps coming for Margarita Adventures, the latest being this magnificent feature story on our California zipline canopy tours in the Adobe Press.

Freelance writer Jennifer Best came out for the tour and connected with several guests, resulting in an entertaining story.

For example, check out this eloquent excerpt: Lori Blan of Arroyo Grande checked her harness again, then again, and stared down the steep embankment. With her heart in her mouth, she grabbed the yellow strap and pushed away from the security of the starting hill. As her feet lifted away from the hillside, she plummeted toward the valley floor. A scream of terror turned to triumphant shouts as she flew above vineyards, grazing land and oak trees. She had conquered her fear. She had taken the leap. She was on Margarita Adventures 1,300-foot Renegade zipline, and she was having a ball.

Click here to read the full story. Thanks to Jennifer Best for turning the spotlight on Margarita Adventures!