Unless you are an escape room junkie, you’ll want to create a bit of a mental plan before joining us at ESCAPE!—San Luis Obispo County’s newest escape room.

After all, an escape room shouldn’t be easy. Where’s the fun in that? Ours is exciting, challenging and just hard enough to solve as long as you put your mind to it. As we like to say, “Getting in is easy—but do you have what it takes to escape?”

On that note, here are three easy tips for keeping a level head and making the most of your time at ESCAPE! by Margarita Adventures and other escape rooms.

Read Carefully

Whether it’s something on a wall or a piece of paper you discovered, read the words carefully! Look for hidden clues, patterns, double meanings or cyphers. The answer to your question is often right before your eyes—as long as you pay close attention.

Look Hard

The phrase “leave no stone unturned” is appropriate here. Escape rooms often have tactile clues that play a physical role in the experience. You’ll know when you need a missing piece of whatever puzzle you’re working on. So look hard. You never know where it might be—even if you have to crane your neck or get on your knees to find it.

Work Together

At ESCAPE!, you have one hour to solve your way out. Use your time wisely—but don’t panic if an answer is eluding you. We have a real-time “tip line” to help you if needed. The important thing is to stay calm, work with others in your group and put your heads together to meet the challenge at hand.

Now you’re ready for ESCAPE!—book your time today. It’s the perfect rainy day outing with friends and family.