If you are wondering what Margarita Adventures is all about, look no further than this magnificent feature story just published by the Santa Maria Sun.

Writer Kristina Sewell and two editorial colleagues joined us earlier this month for a zipline canopy tour.

The resulting story is an eloquent telling of the entire tour experience and a vivid picture of the surrounding landscape: The grasses, still dry from the summer heat, swayed gently in the breeze. To my right and left stretched vineyards that hugged the gentle slopes of the landscape, and 1,300 feet in front of me, a forest of majestic and white and blue oak trees awaited my arrival. The click of the harness snapped me from my reverie. Equipped with a harness, gloves, and a ridiculous-looking red helmet, I was ready to embark. Although I wasn’t as scared as I was when the San Diego zip line, my heart rate was still faster than normal.

Click here to read the full story. Thanks to Kristina and the Santa Maria Sun for showcasing our experience!