Our ziplines are located on the Santa Margarita Ranch, which is home to a rich history, a sustainably grown vineyard and an impressive animal kingdom.

Bald eagles, deer, hawks, wild turkeys and foxes are among the creatures sighted on our tours with some frequency, depending on the season.

Then there are the black bears, who always keep their distance but nonetheless bring a lot of joy when sighted—including this one photographed this week by Jody Langford of our affiliated Ancient Peaks Winery.

So what brought this beautiful bear out of the woods on a brilliant fall day? Turns out, it’s the same thing that brings many tourists to our Paso Robles wine region!

“As the fruit ripens during the harvest season, the bears come down from the adjacent Santa Lucia Mountains to get their fill of premium wine grapes from our estate Margarita Vineyard,” says Margarita Adventures proprietor Karl Wittstrom. “Part of sustainability is sharing, and we are happy to share. As we say, ‘Promote sustainability—feed the bear!’”

Come out for a zipline tour to experience this place where the wild things roam. We can’t always promise an exciting wildlife sighting, but we can definitely promise a unique vantage on our natural world.