The rave reviews are already rolling in for our new Double Barrel tandem zipline…

In the Paso Robles Daily News, writer Tessa Eberle nails it: “The Double Barrel line is just that, double the fun, you can race your friends and family across some of the most beautiful countryside in Paso Robles wine country.

Meanwhile, in the New Times, writer Ryah Cooley evocatively sums up the experience: “I take a deep breath for courage as some last-minute butterflies fill my tummy. I grip the handlebars. A few quick steps and leap later I’m flying high over the land…It’s nothing but green vineyards, rolling golden hills, oaks trees, and blue sky as far as the eye can see. I steel myself as I take a peek to look down. I’m a long way up, but I find myself fascinated, not scared, by the literal change in perspective.”

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