This summer marks the fifth anniversary of our highest, longest and fastest zipline–the epic tandem ride known as the Double Barrel.

Needless to say, the Double Barrel took our tours to new heights and cemented our reputation as “the biggest thrill in wine country.”

Indeed, we thought we had already topped ourselves a few years earlier with the Pinot Express, an 1,800-foot adrenaline rush that flies right over Pinot Noir vines.

But then came the Double Barrel a few years later, adding a sixth zipline to our tours–and our first to offer tandem side-by-side zipping!

“We wanted to double the fun and ratchet up the excitement by giving you the opportunity to zip right alongside a friend or family member,” says Karl Wittstrom, proprietor of Margarita Adventures.

The Double Barrel flies for an astonishing 2,800 feet over forests and canyons with wide-open views of vineyards and mountains along the way. It is also the first zipline on our tour, providing instant excitement that you’ll never forget.

Even better, the Double Barrel necessitated the creation of a 300-foot suspension footbridge to ferry you over to the Renegade, the second zipline on our tour. This bridge provides a walk on the wild side and a high-flying stroll that is an adventure unto itself.

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