We are excited to share that Santa Margarita Ranch—the home of our zipline canopy tours—is being showcased on a feature segment on The Weather Channel.

This segment spotlights the sustainable water conservation practices that we employ on the ranch’s estate Margarita Vineyard, under the direction of our affiliated Ancient Peaks Winery. The segment also recognizes Paso Robles as an upcoming region in matters of both wine quality and sustainable winegrowing.

Of course, this is something that has set our zipline canopy tours apart from day one–not just the chance to take flight along five unforgettable ziplines, but to also to gain a thrilling perspective on history, nature and sustainability at Santa Margarita Ranch. We are honored to have our sustainable winegrowing practices showcased nationwide on The Weather Channel, and hope that you can come out soon for your own tour of Margarita Vineyard–including soaring over Pinot Noir vines on our new Pinot Express zipline!

Click here to watch the Ancient Peaks and Santa Margarita Ranch segment airing on The Weather Channel.