While our zipline tour guests come from all walks of life—across all ages—you could generalize them into two main groups: (1) Thrill Seekers—those who routinely seek thrills and adventure in their life, and who crave outdoor experiences like ziplining, hiking, biking, rock climbing, skydiving, etcetera; and (2) Adventure Dabblers—those who aren’t as outdoorsy or active, but who want to expand their comfort zone and enjoy a certain sense of adventure.

Which raises some questions for both groups: Why do they do it—and what are the benefits? Why not just stay at home and save some money?

Let’s start with the Thrill Seekers. In an aptly titled article Why Some of Us Are Thrill Seekers, U.S. News elaborates on how the thirst for adventure is a native trait for many people. They are known as “Type Ts.” As the article notes, “At least to some degree, Type Ts are born that way…Though researchers don’t yet have all the answers, it’s clear that biology plays a role. Neuro-chemicals appear to affect how inclined someone is to play it safe or live on the wild side, as does the amount of white matter in the brain…Other factors are psychological and rooted in personality.”

But, of course, that does not describe everyone! This is where the rest of us come into play—the Adventure Dabblers, who may not be as adventurous, but who are nevertheless interested in experiencing new things and stretching ourselves. In an article titled 5 Benefits of Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone, Psychology Today notes that “if you can’t step out of your comfort zone you may experience difficulty making change or transitioning, growing, and ultimately, transforming; in other words, all those things that define who you are and give your life personal meaning.”

In other words, some people are actively compelled to seek thrills, while others find adventure only after stepping outside their comfort zone, presumably because deep down they know it’s good for them.

The wonderful thing about ziplining is that it meets the needs and interests of both groups, which means nearly everyone can get something out of it. For Thrill Seekers, ziplining checks all of the boxes and slakes the thirst for adventure. However, for Adventure Dabblers, ziplining offers a secure way to expand the comfort zone and experience new accomplishments in a controlled, secure environment.

The adrenaline rush of ziplining can also generate positive stress. In an article titled “Adrenaline: Why You Should Welcome a Rush,” Allure Magazine notes “Stress is an essential part of life. It is perhaps the greatest source of growth and accomplishment. Adrenaline is part of a healthy response to life’s challenges.”

The common ground for everyone is that a Margarita Adventures zipline tour creates memories that can last a lifetime. It’s usually something you do with family or friends. It’s a bonding experience in a beautiful place, and it’s far away from the daily grind. It’s something that creates one of those “remember when we…” moments.

So whether you are a regular thrill seeker or just looking for a little adventure, we have you covered at Margarita Adventures.