You may have toured a vineyard before, but never like this!

Indeed, our Pinot Express zipline is the only one out there that sends you flying right over a winery vineyard. Your journey begins atop a mountainside forest and continues for 1,800 feet as you swoop low over Ancient Peaks Winery’s Pinot Noir block at Margarita Vineyard.

Even better, your landing spot is the “P.W. Murphy Mining Camp,” a replica Gold Rush-era mining camp built for Margarita Adventures by the team Daniels Wood Land, who starred in the show The Redwood Kings on the Animal Planet network. As you come to the end of the Pinot Express, you zip under an antique-style water tower with the optical illusion that you are about to descend into the mouth of a mining shaft.

And at the end of your tour, you may way to go across the street to the Ancient Peaks tasting room, where you can enjoy wines from the vines you just zipped over!