Margarita Adventures is yet again in the spotlight as the San Jose Mercury News showcases our zipline canopy tours in a magnificent feature story on Santa Margarita. The story is online now, and will appear in Sunday’s print edition. You will also be able to view it on the Mercury’s new Eat, Drink, Play app.

Food and Wine Editor Jackie Burrell came out for a tour last month, and experienced our zipline tours as well as the wines of Ancient Peaks Winery. Other highlights in the story include the Pozo Saloon and The Range restaurant.

Burrell writes, “The zip lines of Margarita Adventures hum with activity nearly every day — literally. The five zip line cables vibrate in a rapidly rising crescendo as happy visitors fly across 4,500-feet worth of excitement, through groves of digger pine and live oak, across valleys and ravines and, of course, over that Pinot Noir vineyard.”

She also quotes Gary, one of our tour guides: “Bears are wine snobs. They won’t touch cab,” Gary says, as the van bumps and bounces down a dirt road. “They don’t bother the cattle. They only eat pinot.”

Thanks to Jackie Burrell and the Mercury News for giving little Santa Margarita some big visibility!