We are excited to be in the news again, with LA Weekly publishing a feature story on our California zipline canopy tours.

Writer Matt Miller had the opportunity to experience our ziplines as part of our recent Kawasaki media tour, and summed it up as follows: “The tour involves zipping across five peaks on a 4,500 feet of cable, starting with a 1,200-foot valley crossing, and ending with an 1,800 foot-long run that has you jumping off of the side of a 1,300 foot mountain, flying through trees, and eventually soaring high over a vineyard. The tour ends at the Ancient Peaks Winery for a full tasting of all the wines made from the grapes growing below the zip-line flight path.”

Along the way, Miller notes how easy it is for Southern Californians to change their latitude (and their altitude!) within just three or four hours, from the big cities to the wide-open spaces of Santa Margarita Ranch and San Luis Obispo County.

In the story, Miller pegged our tours as a great buy for Black Friday, but that notion holds throughout the holidays, as you can give the gift of adventure this year with a Margarita Adventures gift certificate! Just call us at (805) 438-3120 to order yours today.