We are excited to share that leading travel publisher and web site Frommers.com has showcased our zipline tour experience in a new feature story titled “5 Things You Don’t Know About California.”

Not only is Margarita Adventures featured as one of the five noteworthy discoveries, but our Renegade zipline is also featured as the cover shot to the story.

Travel writer Matthew Richard Poole begins the piece as follows: Like Katy Perry says, you could travel the world but nothing comes close to the Golden Coast. California will always be the golden child of the United States, America’s spoiled rich kid, either loved or loathed (haters gonna hate) by everyone else. And we’re only getting better. Here are five more reasons for going (going), back (back), to Cali (Cali).

Classic! Click here to read the rest. This is the latest bit of media praise for our California zipline tours, following positive reviews by Ciao Bambino, Adobe Press and many others. Book your tour today to discover what they’re all raving about!