The Redwood Kings are coming to Margarita Adventures!

That’s right, the innovative construction team from Daniels Wood Land—a.k.a. the stars of the “Redwood Kings” reality show airing on Discovery’s Animal Planet network—are about to start swinging hammers out on Santa Margarita Ranch to build something extraordinary for Margarita Adventures.

We can’t let the entire cat out of the bag yet, but we can say that by the time they’re done, the landing point of our fifth zipline is going to be transformed into something thrilling and magical.

Based just up the road from us in Paso Robles, Daniels Wood Land is renowned around the world for building whimsical treehouses, facades and other structures largely from reclaimed wood and materials. Here on the ranch, they will use fallen trees and rancho-era fence boards as part of their arsenal.

Better yet, this marks the first time on the Redwood Kings show that they have built something right here in their backyard of the Central Coast. Below is a taste of things to come, stay tuned!