One of the best things about coming out for a zipline canopy tour is to take some fun photos so that you can share your adventure with friends and family. You can tell them that you went ziplining, but when you show them photos, that’s when they get a real sense of what it was like.

On that note, we are excited to share the following photos taken by recent tour guest Stephanie Burrage, who happens to be an avid photographer. Check out her shot of our Woodlander zipline below, which offers the perfect perspective on this treetop-skimming line. Her other photo of the Pinot Express zipline captures a beautiful balance of sky, vineyard and flight. You can see more of Stephanie’s photography work here, including other shots of the Paso Robles wine country and Sequoia National Park. Thanks, Stephanie, for sharing your awesome photos!

We invite you to come out and take your own photos, and share them on our Facebook page, Instagram, TripAdvisor and elsewhere (@margaritaadventures, #margaritaadventures).

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