figure imageWhat an amazing story we are thrilled to share with you today!

Indeed, we were blown away when recent zipline tour guest Marissa Holzer reached out to share a story she’d written about her experience, published in Cure Magazine and titled “Say Yes to Adventures Despite Cancer.”

We were immediately touched when Marissa’s story revealed how she found her way to Margarita Adventures: “A few weeks ago, my dad, a prostate cancer survivor, showed me this brochure for a zipline tour and asked if I would be interested in joining him. Ziplining has always been on his bucket list and his 78th birthday is at the end of the month…Ziplining was not something I ever thought about doing and it was definitely not on my life goals list. What is on that life goals list, though, is making memories. After a couple of weeks of thinking about it I said yes, I would go.”

The story goes on to relate what a good time she and her father had together, and concludes with a powerful message, “So, the question remains, what adventure will you choose? It’s all up to you. Say yes to making more memories. Say yes to more adventures. Where to next, Dad?”

Click here to read the full story, and thanks to Marissa for such an inspiring story!