At Margarita Adventures, we never let a little weather get in the way of a grand adventure!

Indeed, if there’s rain the forecast for your tour date, don’t fretwe can handle it.

(Of course, if the weather is really stormy or if lightning is on the way (a rarity!), we will cancel your tour with as much advance notice as possible.)

The fact is, the Central Coast has some of the mildest weather in the world. But even here it can get a little cold or wet during the winter months. If it does rain during your tour, we will provide rain gear for your entire group, and you will ride to and from the ziplines in a warm, cozy van. Some guests have even remarked that the rain has enhanced their adventure, adding a little grit to the experience and making it all the more unforgettable!

Best of all, winter brings out some of our most beautiful sights here, including hills blanketed in velvety green grass. Santa Margarita Ranch is truly a majestic place to be in light rain and cloud cover. Who knows, you might even see a double rainbow like the one pictured here.

So join us, rain or shine, for an incredible adventure this winter.