The Double Barrel is our newest, longest and fastest zipline–and it is double the fun!

Indeed, this unique tandem zipline travels an astonishing 2,800 feet over forests and canyons with wide-open views of vineyards and mountains.

We conceived the Double Barrel because we wanted to ratchet up the excitement by giving you the opportunity to zip right alongside a friend or family member. Needless to say, mission accomplished!

When installing the landing point of the Double Barrel, there was only one hitch—a deep canyon that separated it from the next zipline on the tour. And so with being the mother of invention, we also created a 300-foot suspension footbridge to ferry you over, providing a high-flying stroll that is an adventure unto itself.

If you are looking for one of the best things to do in San Luis Obispo, look no further than our unforgettable adventure tour that begins with this epic tandem zipline.