Our ziplines alone are unique, but another thing that sets our tours apart is the fact that they also introduce you to history, sustainability and nature on the majestic Santa Margarita Ranch.

Wildlife sightings are frequent perk for guests. It’s not unusual to see redtail hawks, golden eagles, deer, wild turkeys, feral pigs and other native wildlife while on our tour.

And then there are the bald eagles, such as the pair you see here, recently photographed on the ranch. Bald eagle sightings are more infrequent, but they do happen, and they’re always unforgettable.

So how to explain such an abundance wildlife around  a working ranch and vineyard? Well, the ranch employs sustainable practices that foster habitat preservation and native plant restoration. Designated wildlife corridors allow animals to roam and hunt freely. Wetlands and springs provide ample water, while oak woodlands and forested mountains offer plenty of cover. On top of that, the fields are riddled with rodents such as ground squirrels and gophers. So the local raptors have everything they need to thrive here on the ranch.

With our ziplines, you get to soar the skies along five ziplines spanning a total of 4,500 linear feet. But you also want to make sure you watch the skies while you’re on the tour, too, as you never know what you’ll see!