During your Margarita Adventures zipline tour, you travel through Margarita Vineyard, which is the home of our affiliated Ancient Peaks Winery. In fact, you even fly over part of the vineyard on our Pinot Express zipline!

So it’s only fitting that our tours touch on winegrowing and sustainable farming, and conclude with an optional tasting at Ancient Peaks.

One cool aspect of driving through the vineyard is that no matter when you visit, you get to see something special. If you come in the winter, you will see the dormant vines taking their post-harvest nap. If you come in the early spring, you will see “bud break,” which is when the vines push their first green growth of the vintage.

And if you come now, you will see the vines really coming alive during the “flowering” phase, whereby the baby clusters self-pollinate to set the crop for the upcoming vintage. The flowering process begins when the hard green cap over the petals is shed (as seen in the accompanying photo), liberating the pollen and allowing for the crop to to be set. This is the beginning of the fruit’s life cycle, which will continue from now through harvest this autumn.

When you come out for your tour this spring or summer, remember to take a close look at the vineyard and feel free to ask questions. It’s a unique opportunity to see the 2014 vintage taking shape, before the grapes have even been harvested!