At Margarita Adventures, we offer zipline tours on the historic Santa Margarita Ranch in the Paso Robles wine country on California’s Central Coast.

However, our tours aren’t just about the excitement of ziplining, but also the thrills of experiencing this special place. And one of the biggest thrills of being here is seeing our abundant local wildlife. Our guests often see deer, bald eagles, red tail hawks, turkeys, pigs and even black bears.

On top of that, one of our neighbors recently spotted a resident mountain lion, inspiring us to produce the following video titled “The Lion’s Share,” which includes some remarkable trail camera footage of the lion in question, as well as one of our bears. We have tremendous respect for our natural environment, and our sustainable ranching and winegrowing practices ensure that our local wildlife can enjoy healthy interconnected habitats across the ranch.

So come for the thrills, and keep an eye out for the wildlife!