Ziplines are the naturally main attraction at Margarita Adventures. However, there is also much to see when joining us for a tour here on the historic Santa Margarita Ranch. Below are the top five sights to keep an eye out for during your Central Coast adventure tour with us this fall:

Wildlife / Santa Margarita Ranch is home to an abundance of wildlife, and it’s not uncommon to see some of our local critters during your tour. Deer, wild pigs, wild turkeys and majestic raptors are all fairly common sights here, and guests have even spied bald eagles and baby black bears (pictured here).

Wine Harvest / The autumn wine harvest is getting underway at the ranch’s Margarita Vineyard, yielding ripe grapes for our affiliated Ancient Peaks Winery. You might see some grape harvesting action during your tour, but even if you don’t, you are guaranteed to enjoy some of the fiery fall colors that overtake the vines this time of year.

Native Grasses / Creeping wild rye and slender wheatgrass are some of the native grasses that are naturally reestablishing themselves here as a result of the ranch’s sustainable practices. You can easily spot some of these native grasses this dry time of year, because they remain perennially green.

Mining Camp / Well, okay, it’s not an actual 19th century mining camp, but it sure is an eye-catching replica. Indeed, the P.W. Murphy Mining Camp–created by TV’s The Redwood Kings–is quite an eyeful, and you actually get to zip right into it at the end of the Pinot Express.

Oyster Fossils / Yes, it’s true–this ranchland was once under water! To prove it, we have created an educational display of the massive ancient oyster fossils that are plentiful on the ranch. You can find this display right next to the mining camp mentioned above.

So there you have it, even more incentive to come out to the ranch this fall for an unforgettable family adventure!