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Choose Margarita Adventures for your next group outing or corporate teambuilding retreat. We are always happy to customize your experience by mixing and matching activities to your specific needs. Whether you’re a part of a group or corporate team, our adventure experiences and teambuilding exercises offer unforgettable memories and positive interactions that strengthen bonds and bring your team together on the beautiful Santa Margarita Ranch.

Create Your Ultimate Adventure

When you come to Margarita Adventures, you get to customize your adventure experience. There are so many things you can do explore Santa Margarita and the beautiful scenery it has to offer. To maximize your group outing experience, soar over Santa Margarita with our ziplines before heading over to our nature tours. You can choose whatever events you want to do!

Take advantage of special group rates for zipline tours

Explore nature in our vintage Humvees, kayaks, or on horseback

Enjoy a catered picnic lunch at special locations on the ranch

Customize activities to your schedule and budget

Bring Your Team Together

Sharpen your teams’ cooperation and communication skills with exercises and corporate teambuilding activities that require creative thinking and teamwork. Your team will benefit from having the opportunity of interacting outside the workspace and connecting with their coworkers on a more interpersonal level. Our satisfied clients include Kawasaki, Cal Poly and E&J Gallo.

Incorporate positive teambuilding in your group event

Interact with your coworkers and bosses in a fun and stress-free environment

Sharpen creative thinking and problem-solving skills on a collaborative level

Overcome challenges with your team that strengthen interpersonal and communication skills

Advantage of

Team Building

The concept of team building, whether it be for a corporate event, a group outing, or a university trip, yields many benefits, like utilizing communication tools at both an internal and external level, fostering interpersonal relationships, improving motivation within groups, and thought leadership. Overall, however, team building within group events can be fun! At Margarita Adventures, you don’t have to be on a corporate retreat to enjoy all of the activities we have, like ziplines tours, kayak tours, and nature tours. Our events and packages are a great way to get closer with the people you’re with.

Build Lasting Relationships

At company events or group outings, there is no pressure to pitch an idea and be yourself. Employees can relax around fellow coworkers and friends can spend time with each other in a fun environment. Talking, spending time together, and participating in activities can boost a sense of morale among coworkers and friends, strengthening bonds that will translate into other various environments and situations. Ziplining tours, kayaking tours, and nature tours help build camaraderie and lets people have a good time in a judgement-free zone.

Customize Your Own Event

The sky is the limit at Margarita Adventures. Tell us what your team is looking for and we can help build you the perfect teambuilding and group adventure. Contact Corporate Teambuilding & Special Events Coordinator Bailey Christenson today to discuss the possibilities: (805) 438-3120 // bailey(at)


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