Your heart will soar after you hear this story!

As reported by the San Luis Obispo Tribune and Paso Robles Daily News, we helped a local golden eagle return to the wild yesterday afternoon.

Earlier this week, a citizen saw the golden eagle strike a power line alongside Highway 58, and the bird was immediately distressed. The eagle was placed under the care of a veterinarian at Pacific Wildlife Care in Morro Bay, whose mission is to support San Luis Obispo County wildlife through rehabilitation and educational outreach.

“Pacific Wildlife Care reached out to us, because they knew about our commitment to wildlife education, and because they understood that Santa Margarita Ranch would be a fitting and safe environment ,” said Sherryl Clendenen, staff naturalist at Margarita Adventures and California Wild, our nature education division. “It’s also near where the eagle was found, which is the generally the best practice.”

And sure enough, the eagle knew exactly what to do when the door to the carrier swung open,

spreading her wings and taking flight, and leaving us all with a sense of awe and gratefulness.

We salute Pacific Wildlife Care and the concerned citizen for taking action, and we are proud to be a part of this majestic creature’s journey back home.

And now is probably a good time to remind you that our zipline canopy tours not only offer the thrill of zipping over mountains and vineyards, but also insights into the abundant wildlife and diverse habitats found Santa Margarita Ranch!