What could be more fun than throwing a pumpkin to the ground from 100 feet high while zipping down our epic Renegade zipline? Winning a free tour by hitting the bullseye, that’s what!

Indeed, from now through Halloween, each tour guest gets one complimentary pumpkin to throw while traveling down the Renegade. The object is to hit the large red bucket in the middle of a larger chalk target on the ground below.

If you do it, you will win a voucher for a free tour the next time you visit (a $99 value!).

And if you don’t hit the bullseye, well, you’ll still enjoy the thrill of watching your pumpkin explode into pieces of orange nourishment for our native wildlife.

Are we out of our gourds!? Yes we are, so come out, join the fun and chuck your pumpkin for a chance to win.