Well, we may be mentally out of our gourds, but not physically, because we have plenty of pumpkins ready to toss for our annual Great Pumpkin Drop promotion from now through Halloween.

On that note, would you like the opportunity to toss a pumpkin from the wicked heights of our Renegade zipline, 80 feet above ground while traveling at speeds up to 30 miles per hour–all with the possibility of winning a valuable prize? Then read on…

Here’s how the Great Pumpkin Drop works: Each tour guest during this period is entered into a drawing for the opportunity to toss a complimentary pumpkin from the Renegade.

The object is to aim and drop the pumpkin onto a large bullseye target positioned on the ground below. Guests who hit the center of the bullseye win a zipline tour gift certificate ($99 value)

for future use. Those who miss the center but still find the inside of the circle win other prizes such as logo shirts.

The odds of being selected to toss a pumpkin are approximately 25 percent. The odds of hitting the target, however, are a bit tougher (hint: don’t underestimate the speed and the time it takes the pumpkin to travel to the ground; anticipate those factors to give yourself a chance).

The provided pumpkins are grown on the historic Santa Margarita Ranch, right where the zipline tours take place. And don’t worry, there’s no reason to feel bad about leaving the smashed pumpkins behind, as they become a healthy part of the food chain for the ranch’s abundant native wildlife.

“Our guests really get a kick out of watching their gourds explode on the valley floor below,” says General Manager Willie Timpano. “So even if you don’t hit the target, you still win a memory you’ll never forget.”