Your Immersive Adventure Story

**NOTE: The Photo Story Experience is Temporarily Closed. Join Margarita Adventures and Eaves Entertainment for the newest, most exciting experience on the Central Coast. Combining high technology, wild special effects and a sense of mystery, we have created a one-of-a-kind photographic adventure. You and your group of up to five people will be entertained beyond your wildest imagination.

Your “Photo Story Experience” is not just a photo shoot, it’s an immersive adventure that you get to take home and share with family and friends. Your friends will ask “How did you do that?” But please don’t tell—it will spoil the surprise!

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Create Your Adventure

  • Enter into a virtual adventure story, spanning six different scenes as you choose your course of action.
  • Pose for fantastical photos that depict each scene of your chosen adventure—have fun and be creative!
  • Take home digital copies of all your photos, documenting your adventure, featuring some of the craziest and coolest shots you can imagine.
  • $30 per person ages 13 and up; $20 ages 6-12; up to five people per group.

How It Works

Step 1: Let the Photo Adventure Begin

After your group arrives at the “Photo Story Book Experience”, you will enter into your adventure story starting at “Rita’s Bookstore.” There, your personal librarian will greet you and tell you everything you need to know. Now your adventure begins—and it’s always more than meets the eye!

Step 2: Be Part of Your Own Adventure

Next, you are presented with a rollicking storyline. Along the way, you will take group photos complete with props and immersive backgrounds, all illustrating each imaginative stage of your adventure.

Step 3: That’s a Wrap

How will your story end? There’s only one way to find out! Best of all, you will walk away with your own digital keepsake photos to remember and share your amazing escapades.

Book Your Adventure Today

Call us at (805) 438-3120 or book online

Now Playing

Jurassic Ranch – A Margarita Ranch Photo Story Experience

You took a trip to Margarita Adventures.
It’s so beautiful during this season!
And heard Dinosaurs might be there,
For you, That was enough of a reason.
You started at the Ziplines,
And to your surprise….

From wild bears to airplanes, vintage trains to roaming dinosaurs, Jurassic Ranch is an adventure story starring your group, and some Jurassic friends. Where will the dinosaurs lead you? Come find out as we launch the Photo Story Experience with this rollicking tale.